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7 Great endings where they hang themselves. 00:03 How to Dial a Murder 06:50 A Deadly State Of Mind 13:33 Double Exposure 17:30 A Friend in Deed 24:58 Suitab…
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  1. I can’t forget that he died of Alzheimer disease. Such a waste of a
    beautiful mind. He didn’t know who he was. Walked on the street barefoot.
    And we have a god? Not my god.

  2. These are all masterful in their way. In many cases, it’s the “turn” when
    he shows that he is actually very intelligent. My favorite moment in
    Columbo is always the one about halfway through when you see that he’s
    figured out who has done it. But he keeps the dumb act until the end. It
    was just about perfect

  3. I just learned that “Etude in Black” and “Swan Song” episodes were directed
    by the late Nicholas Colasanto who later on acted as Coach Pantusso in the
    TV sitcom “Cheers”….I loved Cheers and the character Coach :)

  4. Actors from back in the day that I wish we could have seen in Columbo
    episodes as the murderer include people like Fred MacMurray,(My 3 Sons) Don
    Adams, (Get Smart) Jim Backus, (Mr. Howell Gilligan’s Island) Bill Bixby,
    (My Favorite Martian and Courtship Eddy’s Father and Incredible Hulk) Chuck
    Connors, (Rifleman) maybe even John Wayne or Dean Martin. For actresses,
    how about Sally Field, Maybe Lucile Ball, Shirley McLain, Betty White… Oh
    to dream… Love watching the show before bedtime cause it beats everything
    on TV today.

  5. My favourite was the ending of The Bye Bye Sky High IQ Case where Colombo
    basically provokes the murderer to have a hysterical fit.

  6. So great! I love this show. I just watched 3 seasons over the last couple
    of days.

  7. Chills go up my spine when Columbo says to Mr. Janus (Conrad) ” You try to
    contrive a perfect alibi, and its that perfect alibi that’s gonna hang
    you”, and then the camera freezes on Columbo as he looks down in deep
    thought at the desk. The music that plays at this ending is one of chilling
    finality of him having nailed a murderer. It is a shuddering moment for me!
    Columbo was incredible. How his life ended is so sad to me. I greatly enjoy
    looking at the old episodes, no matter how many times I see them. Some of
    them have some spectacular endings. This episode with Robert Conrad is an
    example and so is SUITABLE FOR FRAMING. The readers who love Peter Falk are
    encouraged to watch him in the Twilight Zone episode: THE MIRROR.

  8. How many times did he nail Ted Cassidy? He was in like 6 episodes. My
    favorite is a season 5 episode Now You See Him with the typewriter ball.
    I’d love to see what Columbo could do using flash drives and memory chips,
    and maybe even photoshoping a fake crime to get the perp to confess.

  9. One of the reasons the show is so satisfying is because Columbo becomes the
    hero of the TV viewing audience. We all know who the killer is and Columbo
    always hones in on him/her and administers his slow torture of constant
    questions, just dropping by and relentless investigation. We see the
    killer slowly exposed after being aggravated throughout the entire show by
    the great detective.

  10. This never gets old.

  11. The late great actor Jack Cassidy did two Columbos. And I loved Dick Van
    Dyke did a great one, too.

  12. All of them, so young, so healthy.
    Now so dead. So sad.

  13. The greatest video montage of the greatest detective of all time.

  14. in “A Friend in Deed” Columbo’s look (turning his head 180 degrees from his
    left shoulder to his right) at the Comissioner when Jessop says “Hey I
    don’t even live here” can only be done by Peter Falk.I can watch that clip
    a 1000 times…Peter was so naturally Columbo!

  15. The writers of these episodes were very clever and peter falk was

  16. 34:01 the gloves!! amazing Columbo, like always :)


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